International Youth Symphony Orchestra

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". . . that was great! A wonderful concert. So finely crafted, so moving, so impressive."

". . . I'm annoyed that my husband and I didn't go to the pre-concert in Bruchhausen Vilsen. You can always listen to this incredibly multifaceted and for me always beautiful music, even if it is "exhausting", much more intensively at the second listening . . ."

". . . congratulations on the very successful IYSO concert! A very demanding, very interesting, very challenging, touching concert, extraordinarily beneficial to me despite all the hard, exhausting, very oppressive passages, - if I may say so at all - perhaps in the sense of 'stimulating', awakening, the partly very dense and a mighty shaking variety developed in an ingenious way again and again to the view of the good! An excellent concert for me! (The bass baritone with the many lyrical passages and the partly very protective voice is a blessing of very special kindness. And the introduction to the concert in the programme booklet is set in high spheres of humanity and ethos . . . ) "

"Be quietly embraced for yesterday's concert, which, in addition to fostering communication between young people from different countries and cultures, inspired and touched with its extremely clever and far-sighted programme! "Akeda", touched me very much and the Honegger joined me perfectly. . . . until the "Lend us Peace";. . . the singing and the request it contained had something intimate despite the size of the orchestra. . . I would have only wished for more listening ears, that is more international understanding and peace singing than any political speech, but they were not there either. My great respect and thanks. . ."