International Youth Symphony Orchestra

The "Freundeskreis"

The "Freundeskreis" (engl: circle of friends) of the youth symphony orchestra Bremen e. V. was founded in 1991 to financially support the work of the youth symphony orchestra and youth sinfonietta of the musicschool Bremen.

Many tasks are mastered by both orchestras with great commitment and many interesting projects are also planned for the future. The children's concerts, the symphony concerts, the concerts at Hollersee, the International Youth Symphony Orchestra and the concert tours, which are received abroad with great resonance and enthusiasm, should be mentioned in this context, and above all lead to international encounters of young people and the deep friendships associated with them. These tasks, but above all the annual concert tours and the International Youth Symphony Orchestra, are associated with considerable costs and cannot be performed without additional financial support.

On behalf of the young musicians of the two youth orchestras and their conductor, Mr. Martin Lentz, the board of the "Freundeskreis" therefore cordially asks you for financial support for the orchestra's work described above.

The "Freundeskreis" issues donation receipts for donations that serve to promote orchestral work.

account number: 1708908
Bank identification: 29050101
Sparkasse Bremen

On behalf of the "Freundeskreis" we thank you for your interest and for your help.