International Youth Symphony Orchestra


The Conductor - Martin Lentz

Born in Hamburg, he played as a cellist and double bass player in various youth orchestras before beginning to study school music at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar. At an early age he gained experience as a conductor and in the fourth semester Martin Lentz took over the direction of the youth chamber orchestra of the music and art school Jena. At the same time, Martin Lentz began studying conducting at Prof. Frischmuth in Jena. This was followed by the founding of the regional association Thüringen of the Jeunesses Musicales Germany" and the deputy head of the music and art school in Jena. Martin Lentz is also a guest lecturer at various courses at Jeunesses Musicales Germany. In December 2004 he made contact with the Barenboim-Said Foundation, in which he has been very intensively involved since 2005 as a consultant for the music education programme in the territories occupied by Israel - especially Ramallah. His affinity with new music is reflected in a number of premieres and world premieres of Siegfried Müller, Concertino for piano and small orchestra (UA), Thilo Jaques, “black / white", (UA), Matti Murto, Violin Concerto (DEA), E. Rautavaara “The True And The False Unicorn", (DEA).

Martin Lentz was and still is engaged in all areas, from opera to musical, early music to cross-over, pedagogical to professional projects. Examples of this are the cooperation projects he has conducted with the STÜBA Philharmonic with Clueso, the Blue Beans Big Band with the Jena Philharmonic and the Youth Orchestra of the Jena Music and Art School with the Jena Philharmonic.

Since 2012 the father of four has been director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, with which he has already undertaken concert tours throughout Europe and conducted projects such as the International Youth Symphony Orchestra.